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The fourth "Shenzhen Theater Festival" in 2015 will be kicked off by the end of March. By then, the Beijing Opera House, the North Kunqu Theater, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Opera Troupe will gather in Pengcheng, Xiangfan this drama event.
The Shenzhen Theater Festival, formerly known as "Shenzhen Theater Week", will feature a one-week or ten-day theatrical performance before and after the World Drama Day on March 27 each year, starting from 2012, covering traditional operas and modern theater. Performances, exhibitions, salon, exchange and other series of activities. 2012, Shenzhen Theater Festival was hosted by Shenzhen Grand Theater, Shenzhen 8cm Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Junchen Film and Television Production Co., Ltd. With the ongoing performance of the festival, the organizers of the Shenzhen Theater Festival in 2014 added new theatrical force such as Shenzhen Grand Theater, Shenzhen Children's Palace, Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen News Network and Shenzhen Commercial Daily. In 2015, the "Shenzhen Theater Festival" was fully opened up. On the one hand, "Big Coffee" was invited to reinforce the visual feast; on the other hand, the dialogue "Literature" was shared with the carnival of the century.

Spring March, good play even Taiwan. Shenzhen, as a metropolis with "rich assumption of responsibility," will certainly live up to your waiting. Over time, the Shenzhen Theater Festival will surely become a new cultural festival and a gala feast for theater people both at home and abroad. And Shenzhen will surely become China's highly-regarded and influential theater paradise.
New stage, new performance, left to the fourth "Shenzhen Theater Festival" in 2015 by artists and spectators.

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