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In 2009, the "theatrical gathering Saturday" kicked off, opening a precedent for the domestic drama public cultural heritage;
In 2010, "Celebrate Saturday" was appraised as Shenzhen Public Welfare Culture Brand;
In 2011, "Gala Saturday" ushered in 100 galas and was invited to go to Beijing;
In 2012, "The Grandfather Saturday" walked into Taiwan. The two sides of the Taiwan Strait aired a series of "drama payrolls in Taiwan."
In 2013, "Gather Saturday" went into its fifth year ......
"Saturday" gatherings - free public viewing of the public, learning to play, listen to theaters, singing the big stage. "Poly" is not only a blend of all kinds of opera, but also a hall where citizens participate in and enhance their cultural qualities. It is also a place for the development of Chinese traditional culture. Over the past five years, it has held more than 180 events, 56 shows, 85 theatrical troupes, 214 famous celebrities and more than 3000 professional actors performing on stage.